Your Planning Guide to Sonoran Spa and Sea Activities

- A New Concept on Sandy Beach -
Our goal in establishing the center is to provide a service and information point to the renting population of the Sonoran Spa and the Sonoran Sea Resorts. The Center has a free watersport equipment program available to the renter and includes Snorkel Sets, Kayaks. Fishing Rods and Reels, and is the distribution center for Complimentary Beach Towels. All of the items available at the Center for On-Site use are listed in detail under "ON-SITE ACTIVITIES".
In addition, we offer through our staff of professionals, complete access to local Fishing Excursions, Snorkel Trips, SCUBA Diving at the local hotspots. and Dive Certification Services all at very favorable rates to the Owners and Guests of Sonoran Spa and Sonoran Sea Resorts.

Meet The Staff

Ray Rameriz is the captain of the Pancho Villa, a 57 foot fishing machine that will take you where you want to go in comfort and he will make sure that the big ones do not get away.
Ray is a member of our staff at the Center and is available to help with your needs whenever he is not out on the boat. As with all of our staff, Ray is a knowledgable professional and his goal is to make sure that all of your experiences while staying at the resort are the absolute tops.

Meet Rick Hammer, Captain of the Cuota and another valued member of our staff. Rick is a certified SCUBA Dive Instructor as well as the fishing trip choice for smaller party. He routinely takes six comfortably. If you are in the hunt for an open water Cert, then Rick is your man and the bonus is that you will not have to mortgage your house for the trip.
ROCKY POINT RESERVACIONES can put together a very attractive Condo & Dive pkg for this event. Also, you guessed right - That is a Grouper that Rick is hugging, so I guess he's out of the closet.

Bill Jewett is the Captain of the Xiutla, a 46 foot Peterson sailing vessel. We put him in to assuage his feelings and don't have much to say about him other than he spends a lot of time working on his boat. As a result, he doesn't contribute any time to the Center and keeps promising to take us out one of these days-"maybe next week". We are hoping that he will occasionally offer to take out some of the guests as a complimentary benefit but have not been successful to-date but we are persistant.

In addition to the charter activities, the Activity Center carries a full line of Beach Toys for use at no charge by the renting guests at the resorts. This inventory includes:
    Kayaks, Beach Towels, Fishing Poles
    Footballs, Volley Balls. Beach Balls
    Tennis Racquets and Balls and Frisbees
    Snorkel Equipment
    Boogie Boards and Skim Boards
The On-Site Activity page gives details about this equipment as well as the conditions for its check-out and use. We are here for you the renter at the Sonoran Spa/Sea and will be happy to help make your stay with us a unique experience in any way we can. Please let us know what your needs are and we will try to fill them 

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